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Welcome to part three of the Worth it Blogging Tasks series, where I’m answering the question, “How should I spend my limited time as a blogger?” Need to catch up? Here is part 1 and part 2.

When I started blogging, I heard the same advice I’m about to pass along to you; build your email list. Chances are, you’ve heard this advice before (maybe even from me).

Yet, I continue to hear from bloggers that their email list is a huge pain point. Even seasoned bloggers with a large number of subscribers struggle to continue growing and nurturing their list.

And while I don’t know everyone’s stories, I do know this truth: when it comes to growth, where you spend your time is where you’ll see results.

So, whether you are a new blogger or one that’s been at it a while, make your email list a priority. Here’s what that looks like.

Worth it Blogging Task #3: Grow your Email List

This post contains affiliate links for your convenience. (This just means I make a small commission from any purchase of recommended resources.) Click here for full disclosure.

1. Learn from other bloggers doing a great job in this area.

Find “key players” in your niche and sign-up for their email list. Look at: What types of opt-ins do they offer? How do they market them on their website? What do they say in their welcome email? What makes you open their emails? What do you like about how they approach product marketing? What do you dislike?

You can learn a lot just by paying attention to what others are doing. (Note, please don’t copy anyone, rather let them guide and inspire your own work.)

I also recommend digging deeper with eCourses. Shortly after launching my blog, I took two list-building courses that gave me the knowledge and tools to set-up systems I still use today. I also got invaluable guidance and insights on nurturing my list.

If you’re just getting started, I recommend List Building Academy by Laura from I Heart Planners

2. Perfect your opt-in.

If you’re not getting very many subscribers, start by examining your freebie(s). Are you offering something your ideal reader can’t resist? Does it align with your mission and goals?  Evaluate whether your email opt-in is a good fit for both your blog and your ideal reader.

Sometimes we think the more offerings the better, but the truth is you don’t need 10 different options, just one that quickly solves a pain point for your ideal reader.

If you need guidance on creating the perfect opt-in for your audience, get my FREE list building workbook.

Grow Your List on Autopilot walks you through creating the perfect opt-in that attracts true fans to your email list. Plus, it helps you create a marketing plan so you get new sign-ups day after day, and month after month!

3. Email your list regularly.

Hopefully, you view each email on your list as a real person who has signed up to hear from you. Honor the privilege they have granted you to show up in their inbox by serving them well. Send them valuable content and send it regularly.

Now, “regular” emails will look different for every person. And it may even look different during different seasons of life. But here is the key, don’t let your people forget about you.

If you need more guidance on what to say in these emails, check out this post.

Bonus Tip: Use a good email marketing service.

When it comes to email marketing services, here are the things I’ve found to be important:

  • Deliverability and Functionality. If someone signs up, they need to actually get your emails. Plus, you need to make sure the service offers the different functions you need.
  • Great customer service. Unfortunately, no service is perfect and you are bound to run into issues or have questions. Being with a company that offers excellent customer services will save you!
  • User-Friendly. The platform needs to be intuitive and easy to use. Even though email is important, I don’t want to spend a ton of managing my email marketing system.
  • Since I don’t make very much money off my list, I don’t want to pay a lot to maintain it.

With these in mind, I recommend FloDesk. They are new to the email marketing field, so the functionality piece is still growing, but they are 100% great in all other areas. You can get 50% off your subscription for life when you sign up with my link.

Need to start with a free service? Then I recommend MailerLite. I used them for a few years before switching to FloDesk.

If you’re ready to start focusing more on growing and nurturing your emails list, check out my other blog posts on email lists.

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