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“I got nothing done today!” I lament to my husband over and over again. He’s quick to remind me that is not true. At the very least I took care of two children, which is actually quite a lot.

Sometimes I follow up my statement with, “all I did was clean the kitchen, do one load of laundry, get an email out to my subscribers, and share a post to Instagram.” Of course, these tasks are on top of caring for one small baby and a preschooler, yet it still feels like I got nothing done.

I’ve talked to other bloggers who feel the same way. If we don’t spend at least half a day working on our blogs, then it feels like we aren’t making progress. Too many days of “I got nothing done” and we start to feel discouraged and defeated.

But here’s the truth, you don’t have to spend half a day working on your blog to make progress. The hour I spent writing and sending an email is progress. That 15-minutes putting together an authentic, audience-serving Instagram post is progress. We just have to actually pause and recognize the progress.

Taking time to recognize your progress, even small progress helps in 3 ways.

Why Celebrating Progress Matters

1. It keeps you motivated.

Celebrating progress increases the likelihood that you will finish your project. There is actually scientific research to back this up! When you’re making progress on a goal, you’re less likely to give up.

2. It keeps your thoughts accurate.

Our brains are amazing and powerful, but unfortunately, our thoughts aren’t always true. When I say “I did nothing today” and then go on to list the 5 tasks I completed, there’s clearly a discrepancy. But when I acknowledge, “I did a lot today, even if the tasks I completed weren’t on my to-do list,” I feel much better about my day. I won’t dive into the power of positive thoughts over negative thoughts here, but trust me, it’s important to think positive.

3. It helps you stay focused on what’s most important.

When you ask yourself, “what did I accomplish this month?” you’re forced to reflect on how you spent your time. Did you spend time on goal-oriented tasks or did you get sidetracked? This not only keeps your goals in mind, but it helps you redirect if you’ve gotten off track.

Enter Blog Reviews

One of the best ways to track progress and make changes to how you spend your time is through regularly blog reviews. A blog review has you reflect on a period of time and plan for the future.

I complete monthly, quarterly, and yearly reviews of my blogging work. Here’s how it works.

Monthly Blog Reviews

At the end of each month, I complete my monthly review worksheet. I keep it short so it doesn’t take up too much time. My monthly review focuses on three topics: 1. What did I accomplish, 2. What were my challenges, and 3. What’s the plan for next month?

Quarterly Blog Reviews

The quarterly review takes place every 3 months. I reflect on my accomplishments, progress, and look forward to next quarter. I also take time to think through how I spent my time, my priorities, and my ongoing learning.

Yearly Blog Review

Finally, I complete a yearly review where I reflect on the year as a whole. I take time to acknowledge all my achievements and list what went well. Then I think about what I want for the next year. (After the yearly review, I do my annual planning because the yearly review informs how I plan for the next year.)

My blog review process has grown and evolved over time, and now that I have a great system in place, I want to share it with you!

Say hello to The Ultimate Blog Review Collection!

The Ultimate Blog Review Collection workbook on a desk with a computer and notebook.

The Ultimate Blog Review Collection includes monthly, quarterly, and yearly blog review worksheets, all designed to build on each other. I’ve also made them short and sweet, so you can experience all the benefits of regular blog reviews without the added stress of yet another thing on your to-do list.

Get them now in the Kira Bridges shop!

Blog reviews are a great way to stay motivated and focused when your to-do list threatens to overwhelm you.

Instead of constantly spinning your wheels without knowing what, if any, progress you’re making, blog reviews require you to pause, reflect and celebrate what you’ve accomplished. They also help you determine what’s working and what’s not, so you aren’t wasting your limited time. Plus, they’ll alert you if you’ve gotten sidetracked from your goals.

Ready to begin? Download your worksheets and get started right away!

The Ultimate Blog Review Collection worksheets

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