The Danger of Seeking Happiness

Are you seeking happiness but finding it elusive? Learn the four dangers to seeking happiness above all else, and what you should be pursuing instead.

The room burst into laughter as my youth pastor, doing his best Sheryl Crow impersonation, sang, “If it makes you haa-pyyy, it can’t be that baa-aad.” While intentionally making us laugh, he also sought to open our eyes to an important lesson. Society proclaims happiness is the ultimate goal in life, but that is a […]

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Practical Ways to Keep The Sabbath Holy

Discover the rest, refreshment, and fulfillment your soul needs by adopting these 10 practical ways to keep the Sabbath holy.

A year ago, my husband and I committed to a weekly Sabbath rest day. At the time, we felt discontent with life (which had become consumed with work) and disconnected from each other. In an attempt to rearrange our priorities, we declared Sunday our “no work day.” This title summed up the extent of our […]

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