How to Stand Strong in Marriage Trials

Facing a trial in your marriage? Learn how to stand strong in marriage trials with these 9 biblical tips for marriage. Click to read.

Today I am excited to have Sarah Geringer as my guest! She is currently writing a blog series on loving your spouse in a difficult marriage  and is here to offer encouragement for anyone in the midst of marriage trials.   My husband and I had a whirlwind romance. We met in February 2000 and were married […]

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6 Ways to be a Humble Wife

Keep your marriage safe from destructive pride by practicing humility with these six ways to be a humble wife. Click through to read.

One relationship my pride shows up in more than any other is in my marriage. Since marriage brings our sinful nature to the surface, we should not be surprised to find pride here. Yet, if left unchecked, pride can destroy your marriage. Pride creates dissonance between couples. When we pretend we are perfect, our spouse […]

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