6 Ways to be a Humble Wife

Keep your marriage safe from destructive pride by practicing humility with these six ways to be a humble wife. Click through to read.

One relationship my pride shows up in more than any other is in my marriage. Since marriage brings our sinful nature to the surface, we should not be surprised to find pride here. Yet, if left unchecked, pride can destroy your marriage. Pride creates dissonance between couples. When we pretend we are perfect, our spouse […]

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12 Reasons We Need God

Humble yourself before God by acknowledging how desperately you need him. Start by meditating on these 12 reasons we need God.

I know I need God, but too often, I act the opposite. I strive to achieve out of my own strength and knowledge instead of relying on God. I pretend to know all the answers and act like everything is under my control instead of acknowledging God as sovereign over all. What I see as […]

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Humility and the Necessity of Being Emptied

Humility is our foundation―our starting place as a kingdom citizen. Humility requires being emptied of ourselves and exalting God as sovereign over all. Click through to read more.

“It sounds like God has really squeezed your heart,” my friend remarked; “but it is amazing how He used it to bring you closer to Him.” I nodded in agreement, but found “squeezed my heart” an inadequate description. “Completely stripped,” I thought. Stripped of everything I found fulfillment in. Stripped of comfort, happiness, and stability. […]

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