God’s plan

7 Reasons To Be Confident In God

Feel like your life is covered in fog? Learn 7 reasons to be confident in God even when you are walking in the unknown. Click through to read.

Every winter I forget about fog until I pull out of the garage, point my car down the street and look into a white sheet. Even though I can’t see the end of the block, I drive confidently forward, trusting the street still exists, and the path reveals itself as I move forward.   Following […]

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What is The Life God Intended?

What is the life God intended? I sought out the answer and it may not be what you think. Click through to read.

Can I tell you a little secret about my blog’s tagline: Seeking the Life God Intended? I wrote it unsure what “the life God intended” really meant (hence, why it says “seeking” and not “living”). I wanted a life full of joy. A life only found when we align ourselves with God’s will. But I […]

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Why I Don’t Make 5 Year Plans

Find out why a type A planner no longer makes 5-year plans and how you can find security without them as well. Click to read.

The question of “Where do you see yourself in 5 years?” annoys me. Usually I am asked this question during some sort of interview or work meeting, and I always want to respond, “I have no idea where I will be in 5 years!” Technically, that answers the question, “where will you be in 5 […]

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