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Worth it Blogging Task #3: Grow your Email List

Welcome to part three of the Worth it Blogging Tasks series, where I’m answering the question, “How should I spend my limited time as a blogger?” Need to catch up? Here is part 1 and part 2. When I started blogging, I heard the same advice I’m about to pass along to you; build your […]

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6 Ways to Delight Your Email Subscribers

My dog’s loud, menacing bark at the front door alerted me to the package being left on our doorstep. (The delivery drivers don’t even bother knocking at my house.) When I managed to shoo the dogs away and actually open the door, a familiar brown box sat next to the step with a hand-written note […]

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What Should I Say in my Newsletters?

Learn 3 ideas for newsletter content along with 3 tips on how to write newsletters so you can stop being blocked by "What should I say in my newsletters?" and start connecting with your readers. Click to read.

Part 3 of this list building series talks about nurturing your subscribers through regular emails. Catch up on the series here: Part 1, Part 2. “What should I say in my newsletters?” This one question plagued me in the early days of building my email list. I knew how to get readers to sign-up for […]

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7 Effective Ways to Personalize Your Welcome Email

Connect with your new subscribers from your very first email by using these 7 effective ways to personalize your welcome email. Click to read.

Part 2 of this list building series dives into the very first email your new subscriber gets from you. If you missed part 1, The Basics of Building an Email List, read it here.  You downloaded the Christian Bloggers Guide to List Building. You’ve followed all the steps and now have readers signing up to get […]

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