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Each day my husband and I stared at the million broken pieces of our life, trying to figure out how it could possibly go back together again. The uncertainty of our future weighed heavy, making each day a struggle to get through. And as the days went by, our hope dwindled.

We knew God was capable. We knew that despite the mess we made, God could still work things out for our good. But our head logic wasn’t reaching our hearts.

The enemy took advantage of our weakened state by whispered lies into my ear:

“Yes God is always working for your good, but maybe He is taking some time off right now.” “God is faithful to provide, by He might not do it for you because you aren’t worthy.”

The enemy’s lies did not excuse my lack of trust and hope, but they certainly made it hard to build my faith. Yet as I began to recognize Satan’s lies, I realized I not only needed to grow in my faith, but defend it as well.

So I went to work.

One Effective Way to Stand Strong Against Spiritual Attacks

I grabbed a small stack of Bible verse cards I had written earlier that year. Each one with a title like “when you feel alone” or “when life is full of problems,” followed by a promise or an encouragement from Scripture.

After taping cards all over my house, I sat down and made 20 more cards and tapped those up as well.  I literally covered my house in God’s truth. No room, cupboard, window, or door was left bare.

Every room now declared, “This house and those who dwell here belong to God! We put our trust in God’s word and will not be deceived by the enemy.”

And you know what? It worked. The peace of God slowly settled within my spirit as I continued reading His promises day after day.

When we go through challenges in life, we cannot underestimate the spiritual battle taking place. In fact, those striving to live a life that honors and glories God will get attacked all the more.

Our enemy does not want us to be a light. He does not want us to trust and hope in God alone. But trust and hope we must!

Whether in a season of struggle or ease, I encourage you to take time to build your defenses. Write down God’s truths, read them regularly, and declare them over your life.

If you need a place to start, here is a list of the Bible verses I taped up around my house. (Get Printable version here.)

Learn how literally covering my house in God's word taught me to stand strong against spiritual attacks. Get the exact verses I used by clicking through to read.

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