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I forget who I am a lot… at least, who I am according to God. When different situations arise throughout the day, Satan hands me lies which I quickly accept.

I struggle through a project and think “I am not smart enough.”

My hard work goes unrecognized and an internal voice whispers, “you are nothing special” and “no one cares about you.”

Losing my patience with my toddler brings on, “you are a bad mother.” And messing up a batch of cookies leads to “see, you can’t do anything right.”

Even when something good happens, the lies sneak in, “you don’t deserve recognition,” or “it was just a fluke, don’t expect success again.”

Wearing each lie like an article of clothing, the words failure, mess up, and mistake stamped themselves across every aspect of my life.

Yet, even as I believe them, I know these lies are attacks from the enemy; all part of a battle over my identity.

Priscilla Shirer describes this situation perfectly: “The enemy wants you to suffer from a case of mistaken identity. Makes his job a whole lot easier. And makes your defenses a lot weaker. He’s working overtime to keep your identity masked, to keep the truth from coming out—that you are indeed alive and free and empowered by God’s own Spirit to fight victoriously against him” (Fervent).

I hear the enemy’s lies over and over again, but fail to protect and arm myself with God’s truth. My defenses are weak.

I had to privilege of writing this post for Arabah Joy. Head over to her site to finish reading and learn 6 Prayers to Protect Your Identity.

Do lies about your identity make you feel defeated? Build your defenses and stand firm against the attacks of the enemy by praying for your identity. Click now to read.


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