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Part 2 of this list building series dives into the very first email your new subscriber gets from you. If you missed part 1, The Basics of Building an Email List, read it here. 

You downloaded the Christian Bloggers Guide to List Building. You’ve followed all the steps and now have readers signing up to get your freebie. But what do you say when you sent it?

Personalizing your welcome email is important because it sets the tone for your relationship. You want your new subscriber to know they are a valued member of your community rather than just another number on your list. Making a personal connection with your subscriber right away is key to getting them to open your emails. 

7 Effective Ways to Personalize Your Welcome Email

*Note: These tips do not apply to drip campaigns (mini e-courses, or welcome sequences). Some of the fundamentals are the same, but in general drip campaigns are their own special thing.

1. Personalize your email by inserting the person’s name (make sure you require a name on your sign-up form).

Say, “Hi <name>!” “Hey there <name>!” or whatever greeting feels natural to you.

2. Remind them why they are getting an email from you.

Have you ever signed up for something and then not checked your email for a couple of days? Well, maybe not, but readers will! They might see your name in their inbox days later and think “Who is this?” So say something like, “I’m so glad you signed up to receive [insert your freebie with a link here].”

3. Tell them a little bit about yourself.

Keep it brief and focused on what value you are going to add to their life. Something like “I am a wife, mother of 3, and outdoor enthusiast. I’ve carved out my little space on the internet to encourage other mamas to seek God during busy seasons of life.”  Subscribers want to know there is a real person on the other end of the email.

4. Tell them what to expect.

Whether you email once a month or once a day, tell them how often they can expect to hear from you. Also, tell them what kind of content you share in your newsletter. Again, focus on the value. You want to convince them to keep opening your emails because they are going to love what’s inside.

5. Ask a question.

Questions are good for two reasons. 1. It immediate invites engagement. 2. It’s a great way to gather data on something you want to know. For example, a Bible study blogger might ask, “What is your biggest obstacle when it comes to studying the Bible?” Not everyone will respond, but those who do will provide valuable insight into your audience.

*If you ask a question, be willing to reply to the responses. You may be surprised at how open and vulnerable people will be, so don’t leave them hanging. A quick reply of “Thank you so much for sharing with me. I am so glad you’ve joined my community” is sufficient.

6. Invite them to connect further.

Pick your favorite social media platform and tell them how you’d love to connect further on [insert platform].

7. Share your excitement.

As a blogger it’s exciting when people sign-up to hear from you, so let your people see that. Say, “I’m so glad to have you in my community,” or “I can’t wait to connect with your more.” Whatever you say, make sure it feels natural and authentic for you.

*A special note for those of you with a double opt-in.

Do NOT let the first email someone gets from you be a generic “please confirm your subscription.” I think this is where a lot of unconfirmed subscribers get lost. If you don’t want to turn off your double opt-in, or you can’t because it’s the law (anyone in Canada), customize the confirmation email. Say something like ” Hi <name>! I’m so glad you signed up to receive my [insert freebie name]. I just need you to hit this confirmation button and it will be on its way! Thank you!” Then when you send your email with the freebie, follow the tips above to connect further.

Now it’s your turn! Put these tips into action by crafting a personalized welcome email for new subscribers. Then come back for Part 3 of this list building series.

Any questions? Drop them in the comments below.

I’d love to hear from you! Which tip did you find most helpful? How are you going to connect better with your subscribers now?

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