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My dog’s loud, menacing bark at the front door alerted me to the package being left on our doorstep. (The delivery drivers don’t even bother knocking at my house.) When I managed to shoo the dogs away and actually open the door, a familiar brown box sat next to the step with a hand-written note scrawled on top, “thank you Kira :).”

The note made me smile and think, “this is why I love this company.”

brown cardboard box on a table

The box was my monthly order from Grove Collaborative. They provide all-natural home, beauty, and personal care products directly to your door. And even though they have thousands of customers all over the country, everything they do, from the free gifts inside my box to hand-written thank you notes on the outside of my box, make me feel like a valued customer.

As I thought about how this simple note delighted me—how it increased my loyalty to this company—I remembered a question my blogger friend, Jill McCormick, asks herself during her “thinking days.” She asks, “How can I delight my subscribers?”

As bloggers, we know providing value to our email subscribers is key to building a tribe of loyal readers, but how often do we plan ways to show our subscribers they are a valued member of our community? How often do we think about delighting our subscribers?

I’ll admit I don’t think about it very often. (I need to add that question to my own blog review and planning days!) But the package from Grove Collaborative reminded me of how simple it can be. Delighting your subscribers doesn’t have to be a big time-consuming project, even small acts can make our subscribers feel seen and cared for.

So, today, I’m brainstorming some easy ways to delight your email subscribers.

6 Ways to Delight Your Email Subscribers

1. Respond to their emails.

If someone replies to one of your newsletters, take the time to respond. I know this can be time-consuming, but keep it simple. Let them know you read their words and appreciate them reaching out.

2. Send new freebies.

Did you recently create a new opt-in or content upgrade? Send it to your list as a free gift. Make it easy to download from your email so they don’t have to enter their name and email yet again.

You can also create exclusive freebies just for your subscribers. Again, keep it simple. I’ve created pretty Bible verse and prayer printables and a simple scripture writing challenge graphic, all of which took me less than 20-minutes.

3. Share other bloggers’ free stuff.

If you don’t have time to create more freebies, share free resources from other bloggers. For example, every month I get an email from someone who shares new freebies from her online friends. I love receiving this email because I don’t have to go out and find the resources myself.

4. Share exclusive discounts or bonuses.

If you sell products or do affiliate marketing, offer special discounts or bonuses just for your email subscribers.  Let them know the deal is only for email subscribers because you value the space they give you in their inbox.

5. Do a giveaway just for your email subscribers.

Reward the people who open and interact with your emails. The best way I’ve seen this done is to ask your readers to click a link if they want to be entered into your giveaway. Then pull a report of everyone who clicked the link and draw names from that list. What you give away is up to you, just make it something your readers will love.

6. Free Starbucks

Did you know you can buy a Starbucks gift card online and then share it for anyone to use? I’ve seen people do this in their Facebook groups and with their email lists. You choose the dollar amount, send out the card, and when it’s gone it’s gone.

Of course, this can get expensive depending on how many people you want to be able to use the card, so this idea isn’t for everyone. However, I’ve seen it used well after someone does a big successful launch. Essentially, they say, “Thanks for sticking with me through all those promotional emails and helping me have a successful launch.”

This list is just a starting place for ways you can delight your email subscribers and help them feel like a valued member of your community. I’d love to know from you: What other ideas do you have for delighting your email subscribers? What has delighted you as a subscriber to someone’s email list? Let me know if the comments!

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