Blogging + Emailing + Social Media Posts =
A Whole Lotta Words!

It’s time to maximize your content’s impact while minimizing the amount of time it takes to create.

You’ve heard consistency is key, but how do you keep up with not only blogging but posting on social media,
and sending regular emails as well?

There’s just too much to do and not enough time to do it all.

But what if you could ditch the overwhelm by streamlining your content plan?
• You’d create cohesion across all platforms by working smarter not harder.
• You’d know exactly what, where, and when to post content.
• You’d effectively share the unique message God gave you…
and isn’t that the whole point of this blogging thing?

Meet The Custom Content Plan.
A personalized and reusable 30-day content plan that helps you share your message, meet your goals, and connect with your ideal reader, all without overloading your schedule.


Here’s what you get with a Custom Content plan:
‣ One 45-minute call to discuss your blog’s purpose, ideal reader, and goals. We’ll also talk about your schedule and determine your priorities.
‣ A 30-day content plan that:

  • Is customized to fit your mission, goals, ideal reader, and schedule.
  • Includes blog posts, newsletters, and social media content.
  • Tells you exactly what to post, where to post it and when to post it.
  • Is easy to repeat month after month.
  • Provides flexibility to accommodate launches, promotions and blogging breaks.

‣ A second 45-minute call to discuss how to implement your content strategy. We will also make any final adjustments together to ensure the plan works with your schedule.

PLUS, you’ll also get:
‣ My Trello templates for content planning.
‣ The opportunity to schedule follow-up calls, at a special rate, for accountability and to make changes when needed.

Here’s how it works:

Before you commit to anything, we’ll start with a FREE 15-minute Zoom call (I like to think of it as a virtual coffee date!). You’ll share with me the heart behind your blog (why you blog, the purpose of your blog, and who you serve) and tell me about your current content plan. We’ll decide if working together on a Custom Content Plan would be a good fit. If you decide to move forward, we’ll start with Step 1.

Step 1
You’ll complete some pre-call homework. (Don’t worry, it will be fun and help you get the most out of our time together.) Then we’ll have our first 45-minute video call to dive into your blog’s purpose, ideal reader, and goals. We’ll also discuss your schedule and priorities.
Step 2
I’ll send you your custom content plan. You’ll also receive my Trello templates and my recommendations on how to keep track of everything.
Step 3
We’ll hop on another 45-minute video call where you’ll be equipped with the knowledge and tools you need to manage your content like a pro!!

Kira offers practical tips on how to manage your blog schedule. Since following her expert tips on how to blog with efficiency and success, I have become more intentional in planning my content.
Sarah Geringer | Finding Peace in God’s Word

The Custom Content Plan is perfect for the blogger who’s already clear on her mission statement, goals, and ideal reader, but wants an effective content strategy that fits her busy schedule.

Invest in Your Custom Content Plan for $249

Schedule my Coffee Date!

Not sure if a Custom Content Plan is for you? No worries. Remember, the initial 15-minute call is 100% free and there’s no obligation to move forward if it’s not a good fit. So go ahead and request your virtual coffee date here.

“You are satisfied with your day when there is a match between what you value and how you spent your time.” Matt Perman

Have we met yet?

Kira Bridges, woman next to door

I’m Kira, Christian blogger turned blogging mentor and consultant,
on a mission to empower Christian women to grow their blogs without letting it take over their lives.

You can think of me as your blogging bestie. I’m here to encourage you, talk straight with you, give you advice and feedback, and guide you in your blogging journey.

I’ll help you cut through your overwhelm with focus and actionable steps so you can spend more time on the things you love (like actually writing!), reach your goals, and honor God through all you do.

On any given day you can find me listening to a book or podcast and drinking enough coffee to keep up with my energetic toddler and active baby.


You might be wondering…

I need a lot of flexibility in my schedule. Can you still help me create a plan?

Yes! My daily schedule changes every few months to adapt to the rhythm of my family, so I understand the need for flexibility.

When we make your plan it will be based around your schedule and your needs. We will talk about what you can realistically accomplish and not setting yourself up for failure. I’ll also give you tools for adjusting your plan as necessary. And, if you are having trouble making those adjustments on your own, we can always hop on a follow-up call and work together to figure it out.

How much time do you need from me?

You’ve got a full plate, I get it! My consulting packages are designed to be quick and to the point so you can get what you need and move forward with your blogging. You’ll want to set aside about three hours.
If I contact you today, how soon can we get this done?

Usually within 3-4 weeks. After our coffee date, we’ll work together to set a date that works for both of us.
I have more questions, how can I get in touch?

Fill out my contact form or send me an email Kira(at)