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“But God, I don’t have anything to say!” I lamented over and over again before launching my blog. Even though I felt called to blog, I was lost when it came to content. What exactly do I write about? Where do I get topic ideas? What happens when I run out of ideas?

I tried researching advice on content planning, but found little to ease my fears. Most “experts” suggested choosing a topic you know a lot about so you have plenty of ideas to get you started. While that appears to be sound advice, it didn’t apply to me. I felt God leading me to write on a topic I knew little about because I needed the information as much as anyone else.

Eventually I came up with a few posts, hit publish, and then hoped and prayed for the inspiration to continue. It didn’t. Soon I returned to lamenting, “God, I don’t have anything to say.” Not only did I not know what to write about, but now I wasn’t sure how to move forward. Did I just wait for more inspiration? What if it didn’t come? Do I force myself to write without inspiration? I attempted both tactics with limited success. My posts felt random and disconnected, and I continued drawing a blank whenever I sat down to write.

Feel stuck when it comes to content planning? Discover a tool which helps you capture ideas and strategically plan content all year long.

Over time, my persistence paid off and content creation became a little easier. Through trial and error I discovered helpful tips for balancing the discipline of writing with allowing inspiration to guide my work. I also learned about using themes to gain focus and about jotting down life events and lessons for future inspiration. But I still worried about running out of ideas and frequently used the “pray for inspiration” strategy for my weekly newsletter.

Even though I learned a lot on my own, I knew my approach to content was not sustainable in the long term. So when Christa Hutchins launched her course, Content Conversations, I jumped on it.

Content Conversations teaches:

  • How to balance planning with creating space for God to inspire you
  • The best ways to come up with ideas for your faith-based content
  • The content structures that will engage your audience
  • A social media plan to create a week-long conversation from one piece of core content
  • Three strategies to get more mileage out of content you’ve already created
  • Plus a bonus workshop on how to use and create a drip campaign.

Initially my favorite module was “The Week Long Conversation” where Christa explains how to create a consistent message across all your platforms. She takes into consideration the different length and type of content that performs best on each platform and gives you a format to follow each week.  Her approach maximizes your content, expands your reach, and gives a clear message to your followers no matter where they hang out.

Content Planning for the Whole Year

Now that 2018 is approaching, I am going back through the modules on planning, structuring content, and idea capture so I can start the year with clarity, focus, and plenty of writing ideas. These modules cover everything from big picture (year-long) planning, to more detailed, monthly planning. They also teach you how to structure your content in a way that serves your purpose and your readers.

If you are a Christian blogger, I can’t recommend Content Conversations highly enough! Christa understands what we do is a ministry. She knows our words, and even our approach to content, needs to honor God. She grasps how frustrating running out of words and ideas is for a blogger, and therefore created a clear, easy, and repeatable plan for creating content. Finally, Christa recognizes we have limited time to write, and offers multiple ideas for maximizing your content.

Before you dive into another year of blogging, do yourself a favor and go through Content Conversations. I can’t promise you will never experience writers block again, but if you put the time and effort into this course, you will have ideas to work with, and a plan to keep you focused on your blogging goals.

Content Conversations from Do A New Thing

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