Hey there! I’m currently on sabbatical and not taking emails. I will return the contact information when I return. Thanks for understanding.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you accept guest posts?

Yes. If you are interested in guest posting, fill out the form above to introducing yourself (include a link to your blog). Make sure you tell me why you want to guest post for me. If I think you’d be a good fit then I’ll send you my guidelines and we’ll go from there!
I’m not sure which service would be best for me. How do I decide?

I recommend choosing the service that speaks to where you’re struggling right now. Often addressing that takes care of other pain points as well. However, you can let me know you aren’t sure what would be best and I can advise you during our virtual coffee date.
What tools do you recommend for managing your blog?

There are so many good tools out there! You can find all my favorites listed here.
I’m looking to grow in my faith. What resources do you recommend?

I’ve put together some of my favorite spiritual growth resources and tools over here.
I’d love for you to promote my product. Do you do that?

I love sharing amazing products that would benefit my readers; however, I am very picky about what I promote. Please take the time to explore my website and get a good feel for my audience before completing the contact form. When you do reach out, pitch your product to me and explain why it would be a good fit for my audience.
Wasn’t your blog called Joy Pursued?

Yes, it was! I started blogging under Joy Pursued because I was searching for a joy-filled life. However, I quickly learned that a joy-filled life meant a God-filled life. After blogging for a couple of years, the name didn’t feel like it fit anymore. But rest assured, all my original content is still here and I continue to share about a God-filled life.