Spiritual Growth

This Christian spiritual growth category focuses on growing your faith and relationship with God. It includes advice, insight, and resources on prayer, Bible study, and other spiritual disciplines, as well as biblical lessons for life.

Finding Joy in Christmas

Struggling to find your Christmas joy? Join me in finding joy in Christmas by praying through Luke 1-2. I'll walk you through the process.

I set up the Christmas tree right after Thanksgiving and then waited expectantly for the joy of Christmas to fill me. Nothing happened. “Maybe more lights would help,” I thought a few days later, as I adorned my windows with twinkly lights. It didn’t work. “I know! I am not in the Christmas spirit because […]

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How to Turn Brokenness Into Joy

Are you struggling with an unsettled spirit? Identify the signs and overcome an unsettled spirit by taking the steps outlined in this post. Click to read

Marriages crumble apart. Disease strikes yet again. Depression and anxiety overtakes once joyful friends. Brokenness is everywhere. Seeing the brokenness  of others weighs heavy on my heart because I know how it feels…like a piece of me fell off and now lies shattered on the ground. I examine the broken pieces over and over again, […]

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Rejoicing in Truth

Struggle to rejoice always? Learn why rejoicing is important and how rejoicing in truth will bring you more joy. Click to read.

  To be honest, I have always had a hard time with this verse. Rejoice always? Is that even possible? Why should I rejoice? What if I don’t have anything to rejoice about? Drawing further into a life of joy has required me to wrestle with these questions. After all, rejoicing is part of having […]

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