Spiritual Growth

This Christian spiritual growth category focuses on growing your faith and relationship with God. It includes advice, insight, and resources on prayer, Bible study, and other spiritual disciplines, as well as biblical lessons for life.

Practical Ways to Keep The Sabbath Holy

Discover the rest, refreshment, and fulfillment your soul needs by adopting these 10 practical ways to keep the Sabbath holy.

A year ago, my husband and I committed to a weekly Sabbath rest day. At the time, we felt discontent with life (which had become consumed with work) and disconnected from each other. In an attempt to rearrange our priorities, we declared Sunday our “no work day.” This title summed up the extent of our […]

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When You Are Struggling To Trust God

Sometimes knowing we should trust God is not enough. When you are struggling to trust God, follow these four steps to find peace and hope during hard times.

“We received many qualified applicants and have chosen someone else for the position.” This message landed in mine and my husband’s inbox over and over again during the past month. We’ve also experienced the more common “silent treatment”, where we hear nothing and are eventually forced to assume the position was filled. Each “no” we […]

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For The Joy: A Good Friday Reflection

Learn what Isaiah 53 reveals about the suffering and joy of the cross in this Good Friday reflection. Click through to read.

As I set my mind on Good Friday, I felt drawn to Isaiah 53. I’ve read it over and over again, trying to comprehend the emotional pain and suffering of Christ. Verses 5-6 tells us: “But He was wounded for our transgressions, He was bruised for our iniquities; The chastisement for our peace was upon Him, And by His stripes […]

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The Christian’s Simple Guide to Lent

Prepare your heart to experience the joy of Easter by observing Lent. Learn how by checking out The Christian's Simple Guide to Lent.

Growing up, the term Lent was a term thrown around at church but never explained. From what I gleaned, Lent involved giving something up for 40 days, which often turned into a diet; “I am giving up sugar for Lent, hopefully I will lose a few pounds.” From my limited knowledge, Lent made no sense […]

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5 Bible Study Tips to Take You Deeper

Looking to get more out of your Bible study? Try these 5 tips to increase your learning and grow your love of God's word.

Confession: I am a recovering Bible skimmer. You know how Bible skimming works right? Reach a long list of names in the Bible—quickly skim the list and move on. Come across a familiar story—skim over. Hard to understand prophecies? Yep, skim those too. (Sorry Zechariah, I’m just not sure what you are talking about). My […]

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13 Verses for When You Lose Your Joy

Rediscover your joy by refocusing on God. Start by Meditating on these 13 verses for when you lose your joy. Click to read.

“No one will take your joy from you,” Jesus promises in John 16:22. Yet, here I am pursuing joy because I lost it. The apparent contradiction confused me; “If no one can take my joy, then why is my joy missing?” I repeated the contradiction over and over again in my mind. “No one can […]

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Praying for Your Identity

Do lies about your identity make you feel defeated? Build your defenses and stand firm against the attacks of the enemy by praying for your identity. Click now to read.

I forget who I am a lot… at least, who I am according to God. When different situations arise throughout the day, Satan hands me lies which I quickly accept. I struggle through a project and think “I am not smart enough.” My hard work goes unrecognized and an internal voice whispers, “you are nothing […]

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