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30+ Biblical Ideas for Rejoicing

Don’t feel like you have anything to rejoice about? Check out this list of over 30 biblical ideas for rejoicing.

Rejoicing reminds me of a geyser. Joy lies deep within us, remaining unseen until it bubbles up and shoots right out of us. At least, that is how it is supposed to work. Joy and rejoicing feed each other; rejoicing is the outward expression of joy, and joy is increased by rejoicing. But, if you […]

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13 Verses for When You Lose Your Joy

Rediscover your joy by refocusing on God. Start by Meditating on these 13 verses for when you lose your joy. Click to read.

“No one will take your joy from you,” Jesus promises in John 16:22. Yet, here I am pursuing joy because I lost it. The apparent contradiction confused me; “If no one can take my joy, then why is my joy missing?” I repeated the contradiction over and over again in my mind. “No one can […]

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Praying for Your Identity

Do lies about your identity make you feel defeated? Build your defenses and stand firm against the attacks of the enemy by praying for your identity. Click now to read.

I forget who I am a lot… at least, who I am according to God. When different situations arise throughout the day, Satan hands me lies which I quickly accept. I struggle through a project and think “I am not smart enough.” My hard work goes unrecognized and an internal voice whispers, “you are nothing […]

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Joy: A Biblical Definition

Not clear on the biblical definition of joy? I did the research for you and outline the two main definitions of joy as used in the Bible. Click to read.

Before starting my blog about pursuing joy, I spent time gaining a deeper understanding of biblical joy. And while I shared a brief summary of my findings (read here), I wanted to start the new year by laying out foundations for biblical joy. Today we will look at the biblical definition of joy. The Basics […]

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5 Truths for Times of Waiting

Looking for hope and comfort during your period of waiting? Find everything you need in God’s truth. Click through to read.

Moving for my husband’s job left me unemployed. Even though the small town offered few job opportunities, I confidently applied for openings, believing someone with my education and experience would have no trouble finding a job. I was wrong. I applied and interviewed for job after job, only to receive a “we regret to inform […]

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