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Joyful Life

When You Struggle with Perfectionism

Do you struggle with perfectionism? Learn the truth about perfection and receive biblical encouragement for overcoming perfectionism. Click to read.

Today I am excited to have Rosie Lapp here to talk about something near and dear to my heart, the struggle with perfectionism. I hope all you other perfectionist out there find some encouragement in Rosie’s words today.  We’re all guilty of chasing perfect at one time or another. For me, it was in my college […]

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4 Steps for Renewing your Mind

Experience God's transformative power in overcoming worried, anxious, and toxic thoughts by renewing your mind with these 4 steps. Click to read.

Today I am excited to have Kris Reece here to share about overcoming worried, anxious, and toxic thoughts by renewing your mind. I love her practical steps for putting Romans 12:2 into practice and hope you will give her a warm welcome in the comments.   On a cold March morning, I was jolted out of […]

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12 Books For Growing in Love

Looking to learn more about biblical love? These 12 books for growing in love cover God's love for us, our love of God, and loving others. Click to read.

I sat in the early morning reading my Bible by the glow of the Christmas lights. My reading plan, picked out months prior, placed me in 1 John, 2 John, and 3 John. I’d been praying for God to reveal my one word for 2018 and found clarity in these short books of the Bible. […]

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Benefits of Living With an Eternal Perspective

Learn why we should live with an eternal perspective and how shifting our minds to things above benefits our spiritual growth. Click to read.

Over the past year, we’ve slowly walked through the beatitudes (the characteristics of kingdom citizens). We’ve covered what it means to be humble, repentant, meek, and compassionate. Diving deeper, we looked at hungering and thirsting for righteousness, purifying our hearts, being peacemakers, and standing firm in our faith when persecuted. And while we went straight […]

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