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What Should I Say in my Newsletters?

Learn 3 ideas for newsletter content along with 3 tips on how to write newsletters so you can stop being blocked by "What should I say in my newsletters?" and start connecting with your readers. Click to read.

Part 3 of this list building series talks about nurturing your subscribers through regular emails. Catch up on the series here: Part 1, Part 2. “What should I say in my newsletters?” This one question plagued me in the early days of building my email list. I knew how to get readers to sign-up for […]

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7 Effective Ways to Personalize Your Welcome Email

Connect with your new subscribers from your very first email by using these 7 effective ways to personalize your welcome email. Click to read.

Part 2 of this list building series dives into the very first email your new subscriber gets from you. If you missed part 1, The Basics of Building an Email List, read it here.  You downloaded the Christian Bloggers Guide to List Building. You’ve followed all the steps and now have readers signing up to get […]

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Did You Skip this Important Goal Setting Step?

Learn what the Bible says about planning and discover the important goal setting step most goal setting advice leaves out. Click to read.

In December of 2016, I excitedly blocked off 1 day for 2017 blog planning. Big dreams formed in my head in the days leading up to planning day. My blog was going to grow like crazy, I’d create products to sell, rock affiliate marketing and work through the entire Genius Bloggers Toolkit! (I was just […]

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A Christian Writer’s Prayer

Before you sit down to write a word, surrender your work to God and invite Jesus into the process by praying The Christian Writer’s prayer.

The weight of responsibility settles on me every time I sit down to write. My goal is to share about a life lived for Christ; a life I strive for, but continually fall short of obtaining. My imperfection makes me feel like a hypocrite because I need my own words more than anyone else. “Who […]

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Are You Using Your Talents Well?

Feeling small compared to everyone else? Discover how using your talents well right where you are fits into God’s plan of bigger and better things for you.

“Dream big!” all the so called experts tell you. Followed up with some version of; “Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss, you’ll land among the stars.” This mentality turns life into a constant hustle, and turns me into an overwhelmed, stressed out, “I’m failing” mess. As an achiever, I will never be content […]

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