You can run a successful blog without sacrificing your relationships, sanity, or Christian values.


Blogging advice and resources to give you focus, clarity, confidence, and peace of mind.

You started your Christian blog with a dream. You wanted to minister to other women and point people to Jesus, all while having a creative outlet to write and perhaps the potential to support your family financially.

But soon you discovered all the other aspects of managing a blog. And since you’re all about doing things right, you also discovered a bunch of experts telling you how you “should” create a successful blog. All those extra tasks—all the “shoulds”—produced stress and overwhelm.

Now you just want to know, can I really make this whole Christian blogging thing work?

Let me assure you, yes you can!
And you’re in the right place.


 Kira Bridges, Blog Consultant 

I’m Kira, a mentor and consultant for Christian bloggers. And I’ll walk you through a blogging strategy that works for you.

You can think of me as your Christian blogging bestie. I’m here to encourage you, talk straight with you, give you advice and feedback, and guide you in your blogging journey. Whether you prefer a structured plan or a flexible roadmap, I’ll help you cut through all the noise (and your ever-growing to-do list) so you can focus on what’s best for your blog and your life.

Because here’s what I learned through my own bumpy Christian blogging journey.

You don’t have to blog like everyone else.
• Blogging can fit within your busy lifestyle when you use your time well.
• Blogging can make a difference for God’s kingdom when you stay focused on your unique message and abilities.

So are you ready to find a better way to blog—to create a strategy that fits your life, helps you reach goals, and honors God above all else?

Then, stick with me.

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“We are to use all that we have, in all areas of life, for the good of others, to the glory of God.”

Matt Perman

Favorites from the Blog

Notes from the Blogging Joyfully Community

Kira is straightforward and to the point. She pinpoints what needs to be resolved and encourages you to work it out by asking questions you may not have even thought about. She is personable and timely when I reach out to her. Kira is always researching and updating herself about blogging, and she graciously imparts what she knows to make a fellow blogger succeed.
Sue Chacko | Mama of Three Boys
I love the Blogging Joyfully Facebook group because it’s a place where others are wrestling with some of the same issues I am, which are often things that those who aren’t in the faith niche don’t need to consider. Plus, Kira really knows her stuff when it comes to blogging and is very willing to freely share her expertise! I appreciate her quick responses whenever someone posts a question.
Julie | The Hallway Initiative
Kira offers practical tips on how to manage your blog schedule. Since following her expert tips on how to blog with efficiency and success, I have become more intentional in planning my content.
Sarah Geringer | Finding Peace in God’s Word

Can I tell you a story?

I knew nothing about blogging when I first started. (I wasn’t even an avid blog reader.). But thanks to my need to over-research EVERYTHING, along with the persistent desire to do things “right,” I quickly caught on.

Soon, big aspirations formed in the head of this achiever. Every little bit of “success”—more readers, more sign-ups, more likes—left me wanting more. But each time I made striving for “success” my top priority, God halted all progress.

Talk about frustrating!

But of course, God saw what I couldn’t. I’d made blogging #1 in my heart. I no longer studied my Bible to know God, but to write a blog post. I obsessed over my numbers and let them dictate my worth. Worst of all, I started sacrificing my family for strangers on the internet.

It wasn’t healthy. It wasn’t sustainable. And it’s definitely not what God had in mind when he called me to write about pursuing a life of joy in Christ.

By God’s grace, I recognized the dangerous path I was on and became determined to find another way—a better way.

Yes, God called me to write, but He also called me to be a wife, mother, and friend.

Learning to balance these roles appropriately wasn’t an overnight thing. And if I’m honest, I occasionally tilt too far toward striving and must recenter myself. But as I walk with God through this journey, He is faithful to direct my steps.

Now, it’s my passion to equip other women to grow their Christian blogs without letting it take over their lives—to help them find their own better way.

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