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12 Reasons We Need God

Humble yourself before God by acknowledging how desperately you need him. Start by meditating on these 12 reasons we need God.

I know I need God, but too often, I act the opposite. I strive to achieve out of my own strength and knowledge instead of relying on God. I pretend to know all the answers and act like everything is under my control instead of acknowledging God as sovereign over all. What I see as […]

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Humility and the Necessity of Being Emptied

Humility is our foundation―our starting place as a kingdom citizen. Humility requires being emptied of ourselves and exalting God as sovereign over all. Click through to read more.

“It sounds like God has really squeezed your heart,” my friend remarked; “but it is amazing how He used it to bring you closer to Him.” I nodded in agreement, but found “squeezed my heart” an inadequate description. “Completely stripped,” I thought. Stripped of everything I found fulfillment in. Stripped of comfort, happiness, and stability. […]

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5 Bible Study Tips to Take You Deeper

Looking to get more out of your Bible study? Try these 5 tips to increase your learning and grow your love of God's word.

Confession: I am a recovering Bible skimmer. You know how Bible skimming works right? Reach a long list of names in the Bible—quickly skim the list and move on. Come across a familiar story—skim over. Hard to understand prophecies? Yep, skim those too. (Sorry Zechariah, I’m just not sure what you are talking about). My […]

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The Beatitudes: Our Guide to Joy

Join the journey to more joy by exploring the Beatitudes, our guide to living right side up in an upside down world. Click through to read.

“A fairly accurate description of the human race might be furnished to one unacquainted with it by taking the Beatitudes, turning them wrong side out and saying, ‘Here is your human race!’ For the exact opposite of the virtues in the Beatitudes are the very qualities which distinguish human life and conduct.” -A.W. Tozer, The […]

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Are You Using Your Talents Well?

Feeling small compared to everyone else? Discover how using your talents well right where you are fits into God’s plan of bigger and better things for you.

“Dream big!” all the so called experts tell you. Followed up with some version of; “Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss, you’ll land among the stars.” This mentality turns life into a constant hustle, and turns me into an overwhelmed, stressed out, “I’m failing” mess. As an achiever, I will never be content […]

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30+ Biblical Ideas for Rejoicing

Don’t feel like you have anything to rejoice about? Check out this list of over 30 biblical ideas for rejoicing.

Rejoicing reminds me of a geyser. Joy lies deep within us, remaining unseen until it bubbles up and shoots right out of us. At least, that is how it is supposed to work. Joy and rejoicing feed each other; rejoicing is the outward expression of joy, and joy is increased by rejoicing. But, if you […]

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