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3 Ways to Cultivate Compassion

Discover 3 ways to cultivate compassion in your daily life so you can honor God even when you don't feel like being compassionate. Click to read.

We are working our way through the Beatitudes here at Joy Pursued, and today I am excited to have Amber from With His Unfailing Love here to talk about the fifth Beatitude. If you new around here, you can find the introduction to the series here, and see all the posts from the Beatitude series here. […]

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The Danger of Seeking Happiness

Are you seeking happiness but finding it elusive? Learn the four dangers to seeking happiness above all else, and what you should be pursuing instead.

The room burst into laughter as my youth pastor, doing his best Sheryl Crow impersonation, sang, “If it makes you haa-pyyy, it can’t be that baa-aad.” While intentionally making us laugh, he also sought to open our eyes to an important lesson. Society proclaims happiness is the ultimate goal in life, but that is a […]

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A Portrait of A Righteous Woman

Learn what the Bible has to say about being a righteous woman so that your words and deeds will be a reflection of Christ's righteousness within you.

This is part 2 of our look at righteousness. If you missed part 1, go back and read it here. If you peeked into my closet, you would learn a lot about me by the clothes hanging there. You would find simple and classic pieces that reflect my practical nature. A neutral color palette with […]

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Creating A Passion For Righteousness

Create a passion for righteousness through prayer and experience fulfillment like never before. Click through to read.

“Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, for they shall be filled.” (Matthew 5:6 NKJV) “Coffee, I need coffee;” my brain informs me as I slowly re-enter consciousness. The desire for a mug of hot caffeinated goodness, pushes me out of bed and to the kitchen. As I scoop the coffee into my […]

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10 Traits of A Meek Mother

Learn 10 traits of a meek mother in order to overcome and control your mommy anger through the power and grace of God. Click through to read.

We officially entered “the terrible twos” at my house recently. My daughter now screams “NO!” in response to 70% of what I say to her, she throws a fit when she doesn’t get what she wants, and she looks right at me while misbehaving, just to see if I will say no for the hundredth […]

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When You Are Struggling To Trust God

Sometimes knowing we should trust God is not enough. When you are struggling to trust God, follow these four steps to find peace and hope during hard times.

“We received many qualified applicants and have chosen someone else for the position.” This message landed in mine and my husband’s inbox over and over again during the past month. We’ve also experienced the more common “silent treatment”, where we hear nothing and are eventually forced to assume the position was filled. Each “no” we […]

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The Rest Found in Being Meek

Are you tired, worn out, or completely exhausted? Discover what being meek has to do with finding true rest for your soul.

“I’m exhausted,” I complain to my husband day after day. Despite getting the recommended 8 hours of sleep each night, I drag myself out of bed each morning feeling like a zombie. My low energy level doesn’t hold up long against an energetic toddler, making me long for a nap every afternoon. “What is wrong […]

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What Does it Mean To Be Meek?

Learn the 5 keys to being meek so you can be content with who you are in Christ, and experience fresh joy in the Lord. Click through to read.

When I prayed about a word for 2017, I imaged something I could proudly display on my wall like “bold”, “brave”, or even “rest.” Yet, God made it clear, my work was “meek.” Just the sound and look of the word brought up images of being weak and miserable; but out of obedience, I decided […]

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