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Benefits of Living With an Eternal Perspective

Learn why we should live with an eternal perspective and how shifting our minds to things above benefits our spiritual growth. Click to read.

Over the past year, we’ve slowly walked through the beatitudes (the characteristics of kingdom citizens). We’ve covered what it means to be humble, repentant, meek, and compassionate. Diving deeper, we looked at hungering and thirsting for righteousness, purifying our hearts, being peacemakers, and standing firm in our faith when persecuted. And while we went straight […]

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Gifts That Give Back: A Holiday Gift Guide

Give gifts that give back by purchasing from organizations fighting poverty, providing education, and overall, working hard to make the world a better place

Five years ago I spent three weeks in Cambodia. I saw poverty like I’d never seen before, and I met girls who experienced horrors beyond my wildest imagination. But in the darkness, there was also light. Christian NGOs hard at work to rescue, and restore these girls—to offer them a better future; a way out […]

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When Being Hated Is A Good Thing

Learn when being hated is a good thing by diving into the final beatitude; blessed are those who are persecuted. Click to read.

Recently, I saw a meme with a picture of a Bible and the words, “This is not a bag of trial mix. You can’t just pick out the pieces you like and ignore the rest.” I smiled to myself because I am one of those people who eats the chocolate and leaves the raisins.  I […]

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Advent Devotional Books for the Whole Family

Prepare your heart the coming of Jesus by walking through Advent with a good book. This list includes Advent devotional books for your whole family!

The Christmas decorations hit Costco mid-October this year; hiding the more relevant Halloween costumes. Each year they appear sooner and sooner, and I can’t help wonder if it’s because people feel about Christmas the way Ferris Bueller feels about life: “Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, […]

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Understanding the Ministry of Reconciliation

Look at 2 Corinthians 5:18-21 to learn about the ministry of reconciliation in order to fulfill the calling placed on your life as a Christ follower.

My church, like most churches, has different ministries. You can find them listed on the back of the weekly bulletin and on the church website: women’s ministry, men’s ministry, children’s ministry, service ministry, etc.  But one ministry I have never seen printed on a bulletin or listed on a church’s website is the ministry of […]

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