Why You Need to Conduct Blog Reviews

“I got nothing done today!” I lament to my husband over and over again. He’s quick to remind me that is not true. At the very least I took care of two children, which is actually quite a lot. Sometimes I follow up my statement with, “all I did was clean the kitchen, do one […]

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5 Transforming Benefits of Praying Scripture

Bible open on a window.

“You need to watch War Room! It’s so good!” The text message popped up on my phone in response to one I sent a friend about a difficult situation. “Watch a movie” wasn’t the advice I expected, but I trusted my friend’s recommendation and rented it from the Redbox down the street. Turns out, my […]

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3 Tips When You’re Struggling to Find the Words to Pray

woman praying

  “God, reveal to me an area I need to grow in.” I pray these words every year, seeking guidance for my personal and spiritual growth. So far, God has prompted me to be present, love better, and pray more. Usually, I’m like Gideon with the fleece (Judges 6:36-40), asking God to confirm what He […]

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6 Ways to Delight Your Email Subscribers

My dog’s loud, menacing bark at the front door alerted me to the package being left on our doorstep. (The delivery drivers don’t even bother knocking at my house.) When I managed to shoo the dogs away and actually open the door, a familiar brown box sat next to the step with a hand-written note […]

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