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Rejoicing in Truth

Struggle to rejoice always? Learn why rejoicing is important and how rejoicing in truth will bring you more joy. Click to read.

  To be honest, I have always had a hard time with this verse. Rejoice always? Is that even possible? Why should I rejoice? What if I don’t have anything to rejoice about? Drawing further into a life of joy has required me to wrestle with these questions. After all, rejoicing is part of having […]

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Who Are You Trying to Please?

Who are you trying to please? Other people? or God? Who you are trying to please matters, click through to find out why it matters.

I am an avid rule follower. It makes me physically sick to not follow rules, even ones which don’t matter very much. For example, our rental agreement says we are not to let weeds get over 6 inches high (no joke). Well, this spring, during a busy time of year, we had lots of weeds […]

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The Truth About Joy

What is joy? Struggling to answer this question I searched through the Bible to discover the truth about joy. Click through to read.

What is joy? Stop and ask a random person in the grocery store and they might tell you it means happiness, or even a great happiness. But happiness just doesn’t cut it for me, not even great happiness. It doesn’t truly capture the essence of joy. When I looked it up in the dictionary I […]

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