How to Turn Brokenness Into Joy

Are you struggling with an unsettled spirit? Identify the signs and overcome an unsettled spirit by taking the steps outlined in this post. Click to read

Marriages crumble apart. Disease strikes yet again. Depression and anxiety overtakes once joyful friends. Brokenness is everywhere. Seeing the brokenness  of others weighs heavy on my heart because I know how it feels…like a piece of me fell off and now lies shattered on the ground. I examine the broken pieces over and over again, […]

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What is The Life God Intended?

What is the life God intended? I sought out the answer and it may not be what you think. Click through to read.

Can I tell you a little secret about my blog’s tagline: Seeking the Life God Intended? I wrote it unsure what “the life God intended” really meant (hence, why it says “seeking” and not “living”). I wanted a life full of joy. A life only found when we align ourselves with God’s will. But I […]

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3 Truths About Forgiveness

Do you ever wonder if some sin is too big for God to forgive? Let go of any doubt that you are forgiven by embracing these three truths about forgiveness.

I stood at the Killing Fields of Choeung Ek in Phnom Penh reading an information board: “Duch was found guilty of crimes against humanity relating to the torture and deaths of about 15,000 people.” As I stood there appalled at the magnitude of such a number, these words passed through my thoughts, “it is all […]

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Why I Don’t Make 5 Year Plans

Find out why a type A planner no longer makes 5-year plans and how you can find security without them as well. Click to read.

The question of “Where do you see yourself in 5 years?” annoys me. Usually I am asked this question during some sort of interview or work meeting, and I always want to respond, “I have no idea where I will be in 5 years!” Technically, that answers the question, “where will you be in 5 […]

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