5 Truths for Times of Waiting

Looking for hope and comfort during your period of waiting? Find everything you need in God’s truth. Click through to read.

Moving for my husband’s job left me unemployed. Even though the small town offered few job opportunities, I confidently applied for openings, believing someone with my education and experience would have no trouble finding a job. I was wrong. I applied and interviewed for job after job, only to receive a “we regret to inform […]

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Living Out Peace on Earth

Learn to embrace peace on earth as part of the kingdom of God; as something to live in and spread around every day, all year long. Click to read.

Every year around a thousand people packed into the sanctuary for all 6 performances of my church’s big Christmas production. While the production changed slightly each year, it always ended the same way. My friends and I lit each other’s candles, stood in a line, and then walked down the aisles singing: Let there be […]

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How to Rest With Jesus

Are you tired, worn out, or completely exhausted? Be refreshed body and soul by resting with Jesus. Explore these 5 ways to rest with Jesus to started.

At the beginning of last month, the empty pages of my planner called out, “fill me!” and “look, room for more!” Realistic expectations of achievable tasks were cast aside in the exciting potential of a blank slate. After mapping out the whole month, I anticipated greatness…until I got sick. Within days, my great plan came […]

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Finding Joy in Christmas

Struggling to find your Christmas joy? Join me in finding joy in Christmas by praying through Luke 1-2. I'll walk you through the process.

I set up the Christmas tree right after Thanksgiving and then waited expectantly for the joy of Christmas to fill me. Nothing happened. “Maybe more lights would help,” I thought a few days later, as I adorned my windows with twinkly lights. It didn’t work. “I know! I am not in the Christmas spirit because […]

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7 Reasons To Be Confident In God

Feel like your life is covered in fog? Learn 7 reasons to be confident in God even when you are walking in the unknown. Click through to read.

Every winter I forget about fog until I pull out of the garage, point my car down the street and look into a white sheet. Even though I can’t see the end of the block, I drive confidently forward, trusting the street still exists, and the path reveals itself as I move forward.   Following […]

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11 Truths To Be Thankful For

Cultivate a grateful heart by thanking God for biblical truth. These 11 truths are worth rejoicing in every day. Click through to read.

  With Thanksgiving just a couple of days away, I wanted to take a break from my regular blog posts and share some biblical truths I am thankful for. 11 Truth’s to be Thankful For (in no particular order): God is continually working within me.   I am God’s masterpiece, designed to do good.   […]

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