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When showering is a major accomplishment and exhaustion is your daily companion, it’s not likely a Bible is getting read. This isn’t something to feel guilt over, it’s just the reality of a mom with a new baby.

After having a baby in January, I didn’t crack open my Bible for a couple of months. When I did go back to reading, I knew my previous Bible reading plan was too ambitious for my current season of life, so I turned to the Psalms—a much-needed comfort to my exhausted physical and mental state. But when I finished reading Psalms, my Bible lay neglected on my nightstand yet again.

I know I’m not alone in the struggle to stay in the Word. Especially for moms and especially during changing seasons, restarting a Bible study habit if difficult. The more we study the Word, the more we want to study the Word. But the opposite is also true, the less we study, the less we want to study.

As summer turns to Fall and new-baby-brain-fog is lifting, I’m ready to get back to Bible study. And since I’m out of practice, I gathered five Bible study resources for Fall to guide me back into a Bible study habit.

Five Bible Study Resources I’m Using for Fall

This post contains affiliate links for your convenience. (This just means I make a small commission from any purchase of recommended resources.) Click here for full disclosure.

Women of the Word by Jen Wilkin

This short book (only 150 pages) teaches women how to study the Bible for themselves. I’ve heard amazing things about it and I’m excited to 1. See what else I can learn about Bible study, and 2. Glean some excitement from author to reignite my own passion for the Word.

ESV Single Column Journaling Bible

I’ve considered getting a journaling Bible for a couple of years and I finally went for it. I love going back to my high school and college Bible to see what I underlined and wrote during that time. It’s like a spiritual journal.

Since I’m in this new season of being a mom of two, I wanted a Bible marked up as a testimony to this time as well.

I chose this particular journaling Bible because ESV is a very good translation, the single-column makes it easier to mark up, and the margins are great for notes. Plus, I love the cover!

As a side note, I almost got the ESV Illuminated Journaling Bible because it’s so pretty! Maybe next time.

Bible Marking Pens

I got these pens because they don’t bleed through thin Bible paper. Plus, color coding things makes my heart happy!

As an additional bonus, each pen has a fruit of the spirit written on the side. I love surrounding myself with reminders of Biblical truth.

Chosen: A Study on the book of Ephesians

Whenever I feel prompt to study a specific book, I follow that prompting. Right now, it feels like Ephesians is inviting me to dive deeper, so I bought this Bible study guide from the Daily Grace Co. to help me stay focused and on track. (The Bible studies from The Daily Grace Co. are all great!)

Dwell: A study guide for expanded Scripture Memory

I snagged this while buying my Ephesians Bible study because I’m always looking for help with memorizing Scripture. This workbook walks you through memorizing 4 Psalms, 2 Psalms of praise and 2 Psalms of thanksgiving. I plan to tackle 1 Psalm a month (they range from 6-22 verses each).

I hope this gives you some ideas for your own Bible study time. Remember it’s not about the specific tools you use but about reading and understanding God’s Living Word. And if it’s been a while since you opened your Bible, no worries, it’s never been too long to restart.

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