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I have a love hate relationship with Facebook. I love keeping up with friends and family. I love how easy it is to watch their lives develop and know what is going on without much effort on my end to actually keep in touch. But then there are days when scrolling through my Facebook feed is depressing.

You have probably heard this is common because people only display their best selves on Facebook and we unconsciously compare our whole life to a small piece of someone else’s life.

This is not why I get depressed.


Does scrolling through Facebook depress ever you? Receive a new perspective on what you see by adding more hope and encouragement to your daily feed.

Perhaps I just have different types of friends, because among the baby announcements and celebrations are announcements of cancer, loss, and tragedy. Add in all the political conversations these days and what I am left with is a huge reminder that life is full of pain, suffering, and disappointment.

It got to the point where I had to stop looking at Facebook right before bed because I could not sleep with these stories swirling around my head.

I debated avoiding Facebook all together but did not want to give up the benefits of an online community. I also do not think ignoring the problems of this world is the right answer.

After all I do not want to be ignorant of what is taking place in our country and our world. I also wanted to know when a friend was dealing with a hardship so I could lift their situation up in prayer. But the despair of it all felt overwhelming.

I ended up just taking small breaks and limiting my Facebook time; but then quite by accident, I found a better solution.

Launching my blog brought me into a community of Christian bloggers who are all about supporting each other. We follow each other on Pinterest, share each other’s posts, and like each other’s Facebook pages.

After a few weeks of connecting with other bloggers and Christian organizations, my Facebook feed was filled with the hope and encouragement. In the midst of updates from friends I get Bible verses, encourage quotes, prayers, and helpful blog posts.

Can you picture what this looks like? A friend shares a challenge they are facing, and right underneath is a Bible verse about how the Lord if our help in times of need.

It doesn’t always work out just like that, but it keeps life in perspective. Instead of feeling depressed after being on Facebook, I feel encouraged. I have a sense of peace and hope because I have been reminded that no matter what happens in this life, we have eternal life in God.

If you want more hope and encouragement in your life then I encourage you to go “like” these amazing people and organizations on Facebook.

*Please note, in addition to liking their page you need to like or share some of their posts as well. This tells Facebook you really want their content to show in your daily feed. The more you like, the more Facebook with show you.

Who fills my Facebook feed with encouragement and hope (in no particular order):

I could go on and on with other great people to follow, but I want to hear from you. Who brings hope and encouragement to your Facebook feed? Please share in the comments.

It is also my goal to offer hope and encouragement through my Facebook page and would love to have you join me here.


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