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Moving for my husband’s job left me unemployed. Even though the small town offered few job opportunities, I confidently applied for openings, believing someone with my education and experience would have no trouble finding a job. I was wrong.

I applied and interviewed for job after job, only to receive a “we regret to inform you…” email, or, more often, never hearing back at all. “Why doesn’t anyone want me?” and “I am useless,” became regular thoughts.

Finally, after six month, I secured a job…but I hated it. Truthfully, I knew before accepting the position the organization was a bad fit for me, but desperation took over. I thought a job would solve my problems and restore my purpose. Again, I was wrong.

Unable to keep ignoring the knot in my stomach every time I drove to work, I quit six short months later.

Two years and four months later, I am still unemployed. During this time I earned a Master’s degree, volunteered for an organization in my field, and applied for jobs all over the western part of the United States. Yet, despite my best efforts, here I remain.

This past summer, my frustration reached a peak. I felt stuck, trapped even, and I let God hear it; “Why have you brought me here to waste my life!?” “Was all my hard work for nothing?” “Haven’t I suffered enough?”

In his grace, God answered me, “Stop trying to do things your way.” Suddenly I understood; God placed me here and then shut all the doors I tried to escape through. I was indeed stuck…just the way God wanted me.

I had to privilege of writing this post for Julie at The Hallway Imitative. Head over to her site to hear the rest of my story and learn 5 Truths for Times of Waiting.

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