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When I feel frustrated, irritated, impatient, or just in a bad mood, an argument always takes place in my head. My mature Christian self says, “you really should pray and ask God to help you let go of this negative attitude.” But then my stubborn, childish self crosses her arms and says “I don’t want to and you can’t make me!” The stubborn little girl won more times than I care to admit before I finally understood, the times you don’t feel like praying are the times you need to pray the most.

Prayer removes negative feelings and fills us with God’s peace, love and compassion. Prayer changes our perspective; shifting our focus from the seen to the unseen, from the temporary to the eternal.

But unless we possess an incredible amount of willpower, knowing we need to pray is not enough to push passed “I don’t want to, and you can’t make me.” We need to takes steps which gently lead us into prayer.

I had to privilege of writing this post for Arabah Joy blog. Head over to her site to finish reading.


Often starting a prayer is the hardest part when we don’t feel like prayer. These 5 tips jump start your prayer when you don’t feel like praying.

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