Month: November 2016

11 Truths To Be Thankful For

Cultivate a grateful heart by thanking God for biblical truth. These 11 truths are worth rejoicing in every day. Click through to read.

  With Thanksgiving just a couple of days away, I wanted to take a break from my regular blog posts and share some biblical truths I am thankful for. 11 Truth’s to be Thankful For (in no particular order): God is continually working within me.   I am God’s masterpiece, designed to do good.   […]

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How to Turn Brokenness Into Joy

Are you struggling with an unsettled spirit? Identify the signs and overcome an unsettled spirit by taking the steps outlined in this post. Click to read

Marriages crumble apart. Disease strikes yet again. Depression and anxiety overtakes once joyful friends. Brokenness is everywhere. Seeing the brokenness  of others weighs heavy on my heart because I know how it feels…like a piece of me fell off and now lies shattered on the ground. I examine the broken pieces over and over again, […]

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What is The Life God Intended?

What is the life God intended? I sought out the answer and it may not be what you think. Click through to read.

Can I tell you a little secret about my blog’s tagline: Seeking the Life God Intended? I wrote it unsure what “the life God intended” really meant (hence, why it says “seeking” and not “living”). I wanted a life full of joy. A life only found when we align ourselves with God’s will. But I […]

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